MORATA's purpose is:  
  • To develop, upgrade, and maintain current and future recreational infrastructure in the Mackenzie area. This includes hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, back country skiing, and rock climbing. 
  • To work towards the permitting of current trails in order to protect and improve these recreational areas. 
  • To promote all types of outdoor tourism in Mackenzie and surrounding area. 
  • To work with other local groups when common ground is identified in a recreation area.
MORATA's Mission
To promote and enhance outdoor non-motorized recreational opportunities and engagement in the Mackenzie area.

History of MORATA  
MORATA was formed in September of 2016 under the Societies Act. MORATA has worked at building relationships and capacity in its first year and has now been able to run some major programs that have grown outdoor recreation opportunities in Mackenzie. MORATA is currently a small group with ambition to expand its capacity to better serve the community in regards to outdoor interests within its objectives.

Our Structure 
Our structure consists of our directorship as the primary movers of MORATA’s initiatives and involvement with the community and other stakeholders. Additional to the directorship we are building a group of contributing members who, under direction of the appropriate director, will be able to assist and support MORATA's projects and initiatives.  MORATA also has a growing general membership. Members will be emailed about projects and initiatives involving trails within our community.  

Our plan of attack/next steps 
MORATA’s largest current initiative is the development of mountain bike trials on Morfee Mountain. We are have secured funding and hired a trail developer to plan mountain bike trails that will connect into the Morfee lake trail system planned by the District. More work is needed in this project, but we are well on our way in the planning process. We are also working on a trail plan for a climbing area on the community connector. MORATA has taken on other great projects that are enhancing recreational opportunities in the Mackenzie area. We are working in close partnership with the District of Mackenzie, Rec BC, and all other stakeholders to create a plan that will enhance Mackenzie as a place to live, work, and travel to bringing economic diversity to our town. 


Ross Hobbs

Graeme Roper

Vice President
Cycling and Climbing Rep

Carmen Augustine

Nino Ramadani


Sarah Roper

Evan Wilson

Events Coordinator

Michael Moen

Eryn Ward

Backcountry Skiing Rep
Hiking Rep